Canada Comics Insider’s Club

Become a member of our Canada Comics Insider’s Club to make sure you get the books you want.

To set up an Insider’s Club account, visit us in store and ask an employee for a form.

Find out more about the Insider’s Club below…


  • Free bags and boards on pre-ordered books
  • Free copy of Comic Shop News
  • Comics held for them before they’re put onto the shelves.

Members who have 10 or more titles on their pre-order or pull list also get:

  • Free issue of the CBLDF Defender quarterly
  • $10 store credit for every $100 purchased.

Note: credit applies to, and is gained from, comic books and supplies only (new issues, back issues, trades, supplies).  Credit is accumulated starting when the account is opened, but is only redeemable after 3 months of 10+ books has been maintained.

Pre-Orders? / Pull Lists?

You know the books that you want. You read every single issue. You know a new book in the series just came out, so you head down to the comic shop to pick it up and… oh, no! We don’t have it.

What happened?

Chances are that we sold out of our of shelf copies before you even had the chance to come in and pick up a copy for yourself. Long story short, profit margins on comics are very small, and comic shops can’t return unsold copies, so they can’t afford to order too many copies, and occasionally some titles sell out quicker because of new customers, out of town visitors to the shop, a particular issue gets a lot of hype, someone picks up an issue on a whim, and the list goes on…

Don’t worry… there is a way to make sure that you get all of the comics that you want, and that’s through pre-ordering them. When you pre-order a comic book, we make sure that we put away the books that you want before any books hit the shelves. On top of making sure that you get the books you want, we bag and board them for protection, offer discounts on qualifying orders, and, because they never get put on the shelves no one else has put their grubby hands on them 🙂

We offer two ways of pre-ordering comics here at the comics barn, Pull Lists and Previews Orders, and if it makes your life easier, you can use both systems together. So, what are Pull Lists and Previews Orders anyways….

Pull Lists
First is what is referred to as a pull list. It’s very simple; you tell us which titles you want to read, and we will make sure that you have a copy every time a new issue comes out.

If you decide that you would like to add titles or remove titles from your pull list, just let us know. We ask that you let us know a month in advance of any changes to your pull list as we have to order the product a month in advance from our suppliers.

Similarly, when starting or adding titles to your pull list, understand that it may take two months to guarantee that we will have the title that you want. We will do our best to get you the title as soon as possible, but if it’s past our distributor’s order deadline, they may be sold out (although that is not always the case). Ask us for a pull list form!

Our comic’s distributor publishes a catalogue, called Previews, every month that lists every item they will have available two months in advance. Use the catalogue to pick out what you want, fill out one of our order forms, and hand the order form to us. We will make sure your items are ordered and we will put them away for you as soon as they become available. Ask us for a Previews Order form!

We put the books away for any comics that are pre-ordered when new comics arrive on Wednesdays, but we likely won’t have them bagged and boarded until Thursday when the shop opens. If you pick up your books on the Wednesday, we will give you the boards and bags separately.

Our standard is ComiCare silver age backing boards, with UltraPro current bags. We find they offer a great fit for most new books, and if you want to see how they fit just take a look at just about every back issue in the store for an example. A different combination may be used if an issue is thicker than normal and won’t fit in our standard combination.

AKA the boring, but important stuff…

There’s no charge for a file but we request pick-ups at least once every two weeks (see below for more details why)

Orders for comics are placed with our distributor, Diamond Comics, two months before release date, with a Final Order Cutoff adjustable period of about three weeks before release (there are some exceptions).
If you need to cancel a book, please give us as much notice as possible so we can adjust the store’s order down and avoid the burden of extra stock.
We have to pay for product upfront or within 14 days. Customer delays in paying for file orders can have a significant impact on the shop’s operations, affecting space restrictions, storage management, cash flow, etc.
We cannot return comics to the distributor. If an order or pull is abandoned, the store will be stuck with the expense of the extra product. This eats into our budget for the wide selection of shelf stock items we like to have available to our customers.
Time spent on “reminder” calls/emails to purchase files is an additional cost and, honestly, exhausting. No one here wants to call people about money. We really, really don’t.
Customers are to pick up their files at least once every two (2) weeks.
Should you require more time to clear your file (working out of town, live outside of the area, etc.) you will need to make arrangements directly with the owner, Tyler.
Hold times can be extended by having a credit card on file. Cards are typically processed on the last Wednesday of each month. Notice will be sent at least four (4) days prior to billing.
Files that are not cleared out after four (4) weeks MAY be suspended. We will do our best to contact you via information you provided on your application, but if we don’t hear from you, we will need to make adjustments.
Requests for pull list and/or special order items are considered purchase agreements between Canada Comics and the customer. These items are to be paid for within 14 days of arrival in-store.
If a title is removed from the file list after the Final Order Cutoff for the next issue, the customer will be responsible for anything that could not be cancelled. Exceptions to this rule can only be made by the owner.
Whenever possible, additions and deletions to your pull list should be made via e-mail to This lessens the possibility of miscommunication and provides a trail to review in case of error.
If you need to close your account, please give us as much notice as possible (ideally 3-5 weeks) to give us the chance to reduce your orders.

There are also occasions when a manufacturer does not fulfil our requirements fully, and we do not have enough stock all of the pre-orders. Should this occur, we will fulfil as many orders as we can, beginning with the earliest orders made. If your order cannot be fulfilled we will email you to let you know.
Please be aware that making a pre-order does not guarantee that we will get that item into stock. We cannot be held responsible for suppliers’ cancellations or date changes and it will be the responsibility of the customer to ensure that sufficient funds are available.