About Us

Our Philosphy!

We love comics and games, and believe them to be a much better recreational alternative to plopping oneself in front of a TV, Computer, or some other electronic device.

We believe Comics and Games to be underrated resources in developing literacy!

Our History

I started reading comics in the 80's.  My mom, knowing my love for reading, started picking me up 3 pack grab bags of comics, and I was hooked.  I enjoyed off-beat short stories, and came to love all things Spider-Man.

My first ever job (albeit a part time summer gig) was working at a now defunct comic and game shop in Kingston, Ontario, called Cosmic Comics.  It was working there that I learned about the comic and retail industries.  It also taught me that the prospect of opening up a comic shop was likely a foolhardy project, but here we are...

I started selling comics a few years ago at markets around town, moved into a semi permanent place at "The Barn" last year, but always with a mind to move to a more permanent location.

Now I get to sell fun things to people who are excited about them!

Not Just Comics...

On top of carrying new and back issues of comics, we also carry a wide assortment of Trading Card Games, Board Games, and other games as well (Dice Masters, HeroClix, and more).

Plus we also carry statues, clothing, graphic novels, and other accessories.

Don't forget about our game nights!
We have weekly tournaments for Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and we host a weekly board game night as well.  Our dedicated gaming area is free for anyone to come in and play whenever a game night is not running.

Check out our calendar to see a full schedule.

Proud to be Canadian

If our name didn't make it obvious, we're proud to be a Canadian company, and we have a strong focus on Canadian content.

We take great efforts to showcase Canadian creators, authors, artists, and have a wonderful selection of Canadian and local content.

We also love to showcase independent works.  If you have a comic, 'zine, art, or something else we might be interested in, come on in and talk to us.